Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking Advantage of a Psychic?!

Yes!  Psychics are being taken advantage of every day, now don't get me wrong.  There are those bad apples that try and exploit the hurting by claiming that a curse is on them etc... But what about those of us that are trying to make an honest living with the gift that was given to us?  I do charge for my readings but it is never an amount the average person cannot afford.  There have been times that I do Readings for free especially when the person is in need or short of cash.

Recently I have applied to a popular online Psychic service.  Already belonging to one I wanted to expand my reach and have two going so that I am able to fill in the gaps financially at my house.  Well, I read through their contract and realized I must maintain and $80 per day average or they keep all the earnings!  I'm thinking WOW!!!  There are days no calls come in, and others times I have to log out to get rest.  Along with this they take a 'connecting fee' and pay the psychic .20 cents the most earning potential at 2500 minutes per week is .55 cents per minute and if you fall below that you're back to .20 yet they charge the client $5.99 on average per minute.  There was so many fine print making money on the front and back door, yes I believe in charging for your time but I felt exploited and insulted that they would think I was worth so little.  When I emailed them back explaining I wouldn't be working for them and that their rates were unfair I received an email back wanting me to call so 'they could put my mind at ease'.  They also went on to explain they were sure the company had large over head.  Really?  How much can an online company really have going out?

Where I'm trying to go with this is, for the genuinely talented Intuitive this is difficult work.  You get hungry, upset, worn out, tried and even cranky at times.  There is a whole lot of energy and time going into Readings, the awareness we need to extend to one another is just that you're worth more then what people may make you think.  Don't sell yourself short and never settle for anything less then what you deserve and that goes for everything in life.  

The profit margins for some of these sites are more then triple what the Reader earns, so next time you want a reading try a local reader.  Don't judge when you're faced with the uncomfortable subject of cash compensation.  Which has been a very uncomfortable subject for me in the past, but through my experience this usually keeps the crazies and the 'prove it to me you're a real psychic's' at bay.  They are paying for your time, not the gift nor information.  Set up a suitable price and stick with it!


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