Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Growing Pains

It is so easy to be thankful when everything is going your way, nice house, car, food in the fridge money in the bank,people that love and care for you, great job etc... 
How can you keep that sense of thankfulness and gratitude if something wasn't going your way? What about when people upset you or let you down? How about when everything you know is town down and you have to start from square one?
All too often, someone or something comes along that we connected with being negative. This acts as a check point to tell us where we are, and where we are not. Think of our thoughts and feelings as messengers. They clearly show us how we react to these situations. This shows us how far we have come and how far we need to go in order to get here we are going in life.
If you find yourself getting upset or needing to defend your actions or responding to someone or something else in a negative way, where are you in this portion of your life?
Whenever, you have a need to defend yourself, others, your views, your world or the choices you make, don't be too hasty but look at all the possible outcomes of the situation. At that moment, you may have slipped into a lower energy vibration; when you appreciate people, places and things for exactly where they’re at without seeking to judge them. You have been vibrating at your own energy frequency growing and learning at your own pace.
Very few people like these scary cards in the Tarot but they are necessary for change but, change is how we grow and learn. Any type of change or growth can also come with growing pains. 
When you think or feel this way about a person or situation, simply take a few deep breaths, put your right hand on your heart and say from your core. I appreciate the experience of (your current issue) coming my way. Thank you for coming, I no longer need you, I release you. I lovingly observe all that comes my way and chose to stay in a state of gratitude regarding all experiences.


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