Monday, April 15, 2013

Attracting and Allowing

Usually when it comes to attracting an abundance it is a difficult task for some and most people.  Since childhood we are programmed to physically create our happiness instead of visualizing it first:  We call this being Resistant.  Seeing our goals in our mind is all part of the Law of Attraction.  

A person in the blocking stage will see no progress in their life, despite affirming, visualizing, creating a vision board etc...   All those practices are good bu they are not addressing the deeper issue at hand.

Have you experienced this before?  Yes?  Well, I would suggest spending a little more time on the movement to your allowing state of mind.  "Allowing abundance" may sound vague and mysterious, but it's really just the opposite of blocking or resisting abundance. A state of resistance feels tight, stressful, frustrating, irritating, desperate. A state of allowing feels relaxed, calm, open, harmonious, and joyous. It's the difference between ease and strain.

Have you ever tried to so hard to achieve a goal that was so difficult to obtain, and you've struggled for so long that you finally gave you gave up out of sheer exhaustion?  If this is you perhaps it is time to look deeper within yourself in order to remove these obstacles.  Deep meditation and balancing your own Chakras  is a good place to start.  Instead of reaching for real big start small:  We'll take doing to Tarot Readings for example.  If you're anything like me you dive head first and just wish for everything to fall in your lap.  Start your website, printed out business cards (never mind that you haven't passed any out yet) and you wonder why no one is calling for your services.  Not only do you have to take a step outside the door but you also have to set your own goal and stick with it.  3 readings per day (doesn't matter how long, when or where).  Just the goal is what counts, it took me a long time to realize that when I stopped my focus on money and just started to worry about the people and by the end of the day the money just 'shows' up.

When practicing the allowing, just begin to accept that you don't always need that new iphone, that's an extra $500+ dollars in your bank thus leaving you with an 'abundance' of extra cash.  Accept that sometimes that new outfit is better to be purchased at Wal-Mart then at Dillards.  Try not allowing the attracting when you're shopping you could wind up with tones of stray items and lawn gnomes at your house.  :)

The Earth provides the birds with everything they need, but it's not dropped in the nest.



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