Monday, May 20, 2013

Tarot Reading Advise for the Readers Library...

Tarot reading in my opinion is suppose to be challenging, this will help you expand your options and horizons as a reader.  Approaching the Tarot in a healthy context will also provide you with a better sort of reading when reading for yourself and others.

Online readings/Phone non Video Chat:  This can be a great exercise for the seasoned reader.  In my honest opinion these types of readings along with Email readings can be the most difficult!  There is no face to the client and often no name if you're on a popular psychic online network.
Sometimes with these social psychic networks your clients will do what I call the 'Psychic Vending Machine".  They will call you with 1-3 minutes paid for and ask for a miracle and outrageous answers within this time while adding only 1 minute at a time.  The network will beep on your end of the phone letting you know only 1 minute remains and it'll break your concentration.

Exploratory terms for your ability is the best way to exercise your reading skills.  Have a friend of a friend call you (someone you never met) and simply give them a reading.  This less stress environment will teach you to move in a direction you choose for yourself.  This is a path working tool and will help guide in the direction of where you would like to end up, your readings may not always be fluff or airy fairies but at least it will be an honest answer.
Clients calling when they are stressed and the situation is at an emergency state can be rather challenging as well, they'll often deny your ability because you're not telling them what they want to hear along with, "There is no possible way that will happen!"  You can assure them, "Yes, it can happen if you don't change your current path."  Giving the client several different options can give them lots of guidance but also challenges.

Building up strong shoulders:  Yes, as a reader please expect to put with a certain amount of abuse.  There will be those that doubt but as long as they do not cross that line of disrespect all is well.  When you're able to help them and provide detailed answers with familiar things in their lives: Names, dates, situations etc... these 'doubting' clients can be some of your best clientele because they will be coming back (this time without doubt) for you help.

Abuse you do not need to tolerate:  When you get the client that comes to you asking questions and will refuse to take your advise:  Such as, "When will he call?  I want a date."  Alright, you can explain that time isn't too easily predicted but you can try and help and this answer isn't good enough for them.  Clients will also ask for advise and then tell you not to tell them how to live.  I would suggest staying clear of these clients  for they will only give you trouble.

However you decide to read Tarot, remember there is no wrong way.  (Try not to predict death that is a no no).
Before you begin reading for anyone other then family and friends write your own code of ethics.  Most Tarot Readers and or Mediums and Psychics will have these on their webpages.  This allows your client to read about you and what you will and will not do during a session.
Decide when you'll be taking on readings and stick to your times.  If someone makes an appointment with you be sure to try and keep this as best you can.  There is nothing more frustrating to a paying customer then a flaky business owner.

Going into your reading with confidence:  Starting your session with a client and earning their trust within the first 3-5 minutes is a crucial part of your reading.  I like to concentrate on the questioner naming the things I see about them in my psyche such as: cars, colors, people, ache and pains, the possibilities go on and on.  Once you've established your connection I then begin the reading.  Doing this will also allow you to see if you're compatible with that particular client.

Never change your answers when in the middle of a reading.  Someone clients will say 'no' to everything you say.  This doesn't always mean you're wrong.  In my experience stick to your guns because there is sometimes information they have over looked and will remember later.  I said to one client while working in an Orlando Florida theme park.
Me:  "I see a blue car."
Client: "Yes."
Me:  "It's a parking lot with lots of other cars, with a garage.  Like a dealership or repair shop."
Client:  "No."
Me: "Either the blue car is being repaired or it's new off the lot."
Client:  "Yes."
Me: (Note confusion there already)

We went on and on like this for a few moments until I explained we must not have a connection.  She went on to explain to me her and her husband purchased a car 3 months ago (Oooookkkkay....... new blue car at the dealership in the back lot.  Got it!)  I just graciously smiled and continued with the reading answering ONLY the questions she brought.  This would be the type of client to only answer the question they asked and send them on their way.

That's all, more to come on this subject later!
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