Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Of Wands and Playing Fair

When we are born, some are born into privilege and some of us are not so lucky.  There is only one thing in life that is fair, we all get 24 hours in a day.  That is 24 hours to be what we want and to get out of life what we want.  However, and yes I'm guilty of this too.  Fear keeps us from doing what we want, it is ingrained into us at a small age, "Go to work, be a doctor, be a lawyer."  <---- insert high paying job title here:

Of course during said 24 hours where are many things that can come along and knock the wind right out of you.  I for one have fallen into this placement many times, working a full time job in a career I thought was what I wanted but come to find out it wasn't as it was in my head.
Lets try and focus on what is right instead of what is going wrong, what is working and how to mold that into our reality.  Search of that Ah-ha! Moment and run with it.

Five of Wands:
In the Five of Wands, five men wave around their wands chaotically without any regard for each other and appear to be in direct competition with each other and engaged in conflict. However, on closer observation, their wands are only raised and are not striking anyone. It is possible that they are actually enjoying themselves in this chaos with no real intent to harm anyone. The men wear different coloured clothes to symbolize the various backgrounds and belief systems that are held by the world’s populations.


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