Monday, March 25, 2013

Do your emotions sometimes get the best of you?  

Do you feel things deeper or stronger then others? 

 A Psychic Empath is a naturally born intuitive, sure we all are born with a degree of psychic ability.  These people need little to no help in seeing what lies ahead, instead they spend most of their energy attempting to 'block' out the unwanted noise.  There are some experienced psychics that can help you develop your Third eye chakra (Ajna), most will be known as a Reiki Master or energy worker.

Daily meditations that allow developing of your third eyes will help this process along.  The 'tingling' in your forehead is sometimes  felt when they are trying to remove mental or psychic blocks.  This feeling may continue during a psychic 'growth spurt' when your third eyes is preparing to open this can occasionally cause a little discomfort such as headaches.

Here are a few links that can help with Chakra balancing.
This one is crystal bowls with no guided meditation. 
This one has guided meditation.


About the EGO or Edging God Out
Trusting your psychic ability
I have over the years learnt how to harness and manage the ego into its rightful place. Using it as the tool it was meant to be. When your ego works in harmony with you it is easy for you to link with and trust your intuition and psychic perceptions.
Understanding the ego
When developing psychic ability at some point or another people go through a period of time when an argument erupts between the inner ‘ego’ and ‘higher thinking’. The ego doesn’t like change; it is a creature of habit there to protect the physical existence of the human body. It is the part of you that knows stepping out in front of a moving bus means you get squashed. That’s its purpose; it is there to remind us to protect the physical. The all knowing part of you however, is aware it is eternal and forgets it must look after the vehicle it travels in this lifetime.
When the ego is out of control and too big for its boots it hinders the natural path of intuition, intuitive instinct and psychic ability. The ego self will deny the presence of intuition and rely heavily on logic, reason and emotional fears rather than embrace higher thinking automatically.
How do you tell the difference between ego and intuition?
Your intuition is relentless and cannot be budged from its position whereas the ego can be talked into and out of anything. An example would be: if your intuition told you to pursue a particular career, no human on earth could truly talk you out of that feeling. They may be able to talk you out of following that feeling but never out of recognising that feeling.
It is often difficult to recognise which parts of you operate from the ego self. In this case we will use ‘ego’ to loosely describe fear or fear based actions. Many of our fears operate without us fully participating or recognising what’s taking place.
When we start to develop our psychic skills it is more difficult for the ego to take control. This is why many people on the psychic path find it increasingly difficult to deny their truth. Finding it challenging to stay in situations or places that no longer suit, to tell someone they are being mean rather than ignore it. To suddenly change that job you’ve been meaning to do for the past five years. These are all signs you are getting a handle on the ego self and its control. It is starting to operate in the form it was meant to and begin to work in harmony rather than against the deep, never ending knowledge of your instinctual intuitive self.


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