Saturday, July 26, 2014

30 Tarot Questions and Answers

On Fcebook, I am part of a group called, 'Tarot Geeks & Friends', recently one of the subscribers of the group put up a questionnaire and requested we answer these.  I found quite a few of my answers were parallel to those that have already answered in which I found quite interesting, so here it goes.  

1. Who or what introduced you to Tarot?
Myself and a grade school friend found a set of RWS at a ward sale for $3 and between the both of us we had enough cash to purchase.  For a while we shared the deck until she lost interest, I never did.

2. What was your first deck and how did you get it?
See question number 1.  

3. What is your favorite deck?
Right now, I have three decks that I read from which are my favorite.  My very first deck- RWS, the one I read with the most is the Tarot of the Bastard and the Revised Sola Busca.

4. How long have you been reading Tarot?
Since I was 9 years old, I am going to be 31 in November you can do the math.  
Professionally since I was 19 (meaning charging money).

5. When & where did you perform your first reading?
My first official reading, not the readings my friend and I did to attempt to learn to read.  It was for an old boyfriend when I first moved out of state at 18.  Meaning this was my first prediction reading without the doubt of newness to the cards. 

6. What was the first spread you learned? Do you still use it?
The Celtic Cross was the first spread I learned from, and yes I still use it in order to keep my readings and information received from the cards organized.

7. What is your favorite card? Why?
Death is my favorite, for the fact of the illustrations each artist in every deck is depicted so different.  I love new beginnings and fresh starts.  (As the most know the 'Death' card is not real physical death).

8. Which card do you dread pulling? Why?
Oh, good one.  A part of life, I don't 'dread' pulling it, but the feelings that follow.  It's the 3 of swords hands down... heartache is never easy to deal with.

9. What card comes up for you most in personal readings? Why do you think this is so?
The Star, it always shows up in my personal spreads, maybe it's the Universe's way of giving me hope.

10. What card best represents your personality? Why?
The Tower:  With destruction comes creation, I like to shake things up a bit and start new and forces someone to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.  You can be certain that you will grow stronger and have immediate change.

11. Which spread do you use most? Why?
The Celtic Cross, it keeps me organized.

12. Have you created your own spreads before? Share one?
Yes, a lot of them.  Most are lost in my Tarot Journals and were used just for a specific situation. 

13. Is there a card that always stumps you when you draw it? 
The cards themselves never stump me.  It's when a Querent attempts to block the reading.

14. What is your most frequent purpose for using Tarot?
Besides helping people with their issues, I make a living reading cards.

15. Do you prefer reading with "text book meanings" or "with your intuition?"
When I read it's both.

16. Do you ever just use the Major Arcana? If so ... when?

17. Do you do readings using reversals? Why or Why not?18. Which deck do you feel most drawn to & why?
What I tell everyone, I do not shuffle to intentionally get reversals.  This way when one shows up and they do; I know for a fact it's meant to be there.  

19. Do you feel that the cards have their own consciousness?
I feel the cards hold my (or my Querent's energy) but do not have their own.

20. Do you read for others?

21. How do you feel when you do readings?
Sometimes hungry and tired, but the rewards of helping people onto their correct path and empowering them to go ahead and make some choices and remove themselves from any stagnant situation is very uplifting.

22. Do you charge money? Why or why not?
~Most of often than not, yes.  I need to eat and keep my electric on, you don't go into a salon and request the stylist trim you for free.  
~However, I have been known to accept trade.

23. What question do you most ask the Tarot?
What do I need to know?
What elements are surrounding the situation?

24. How accurate have your readings been?
Don't have many complaints, must be doing something right.

25. What was the most dramatic or meaningful reading you have ever done?
Honestly, I don't recall. 

26. Have you ever done a reading you regretted doing? Why?
A few years ago, I did a reading for myself and found out my now ex-husband was cheating on me.  This was after he had used me for immigration from England into US.

27. Do you have a special time or place that you use your Tarot?
I can read anytime, anywhere.  (I will not read for drunks, a glass of wine or whatever is ok).

28. Does anyone you know not agree with your use of Tarot? 
YES!  However, they never give me too much of a hard time, most just do not understand it.

29. Have you had a Tarot Mentor? Who?
Both sides of my family were born with gifts of intuition, Tarot came quite easy to me, but I did study and I still do.  If you have a skill, it always needs practiced.

30. Do you practice any other form of divination? What?
I am able to, but I am pretty set and focused on the Tarot.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Sign Out Front Says $10 Tarot Readings

                Most Intuitives and Readers are very proud of our skill and work hard and study for years before we offer out our services.  There are a few ‘actors’ and of course those that pick up a deck and prey on the general public.  While writing this article I found myself getting up and heading to the kitchen, letting the dogs out and also chatting with people online.  Anything I could do to procrastinate research and writing about this particular topic; just the thought of people being scammed by someone who takes something I believe in and bastardize what I think of as  serious profession and in the hands of a skilled Reader, could really help someone. 

How do I identify if I am about to walk into a scam?

First off, there are several red flags when getting a reading.  Whatever the price of the reading is set at, that should be the end of the discussion unless you’ve decided on more ‘time’ for the reading.  A 15 minute readings turning into 30 minutes etc…  I am in full support of charging for readings and even accepting a suitable trade for the reader’s time.  We do not go to the movies, or ask our hairdresser to trim us up for free.

~It’s a CURSE!!!  If the reader insists you have a curse on you and request large sums of money to remove it.  Readers with your best intention at hand will explain nothing is set in stone and you have the ability to change the possible course in which you are headed.  Simply explained:  “Tarot is a road map, you can take a glimpse at the things that are and can possibly be by distinct patterns.”

~Requests you bring things to the reading such as: Eggs, candles, flowers, honey etc…  why you ask?  This is a ploy to set up a ritual and get you hooked to the scam.

~They request you do not tell anyone about the reading or what went on during the reading itself.  I allow all of my patrons to record the reading using their phones, and when the technology is available I provide a CD of the entire session and they can choose if they want to play/share their reading or not. 

~Someone dressed as gypsy (outside of Halloween).  Most readers I come across wear normal clothes and depending on the situation will even wear suits.  I personally have polo shirts with my name stitched on the left side.

Real psychics and Tarot readers will allow you to leave the reading feeling confident and empowered to make the best choice for your own future and you’ll still have your savings and checkbook intact.  No discussion of future payments, curses and or rituals to bring you the things you need.  Suggestions or books, or even other professionals (doctors, lawyers, contractors, and even more qualified councilors) can provide useful if you are need of help that is beyond the intuitive capabilities. 

By now you must be wondering why I titled this article the way I did.  

It’s not easy for me to admit, but I had almost gotten scammed myself.  For fun, my husband and I stopped in to a storefront psychic shop close to his work while waiting on a movie.Out front there was a sign that read ‘Tarot Readings $10’, being a reader myself I figured this would be a short 3 card 10 minute reading.  Interested I had him stop and against my better judgment I went in; you see I am very cautious about who I allow in my energy for readings and the list is limited to around 3 people.  Upon entering the shop, one girl answered the door and requested that I stay outside and wait, there was a huge waiting room inside and I couldn't figure out why they would ask me to wait in a parking lot.  Alright, might have had another customer so I complied.  About 10 minutes later a tall slender woman asked me to come in, the placed reeked of cigarette smoke and someone’s dinner.  The woman herself was unshowered (probably at least 2 days) and was clad in a spaghetti strapped tank top stained of said dinner and accompanied with a pair of flannel pajama bottoms. 
Taking my own advice and never judging a book by its cover and told her I saw her $10 Tarot sign and would like a Tarot reading.  Smiling politely she proceeded to pull a well-worn deck from a trunk, and asked me to sit on the sofa.  Asking me if I had any questions I simply said business and my relationship:  The background on these two focus subjects were because I am business focused and Tarot Obsessed lol I wanted to see if the cards were trying to tell me to slow down.  After the shuffled she began to deal out the cards, what I saw first ruffled my feathers just slightly.  She was advertising ‘Tarot’ and was using an Oracle deck and passing it off to the general public as Tarot, please don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Oracle Decks but I just do not fell as connected to them and she was advertising Tarot after all.  What’s the difference, you’re asking?  Tarot has 4 suits like a playing card deck and has 22 Trump cards or known as the Major Arcana numbered from 0-21.  Oracle cards often have small blurbs written on the bottom and come in decks of 20-30 with and no basic rules to follow with their design.

Subsequently, a few moments went by and she said I had a lot of negative blockage *nodding* I thought, “This could be true, I have been stumped and unable to even journal lately.”  Proceeding she went to explain my marriage was bad, it was going to fail and the man I married was angry and vengeful.  RED FLAG moment:  This is when my brain brushed off the cobwebs.  I was wearing my wedding rings, but the catch was that my husband is a great man.  Never raises his voice and is a Paramedic and firefighter/EMT before that and is the most sensitive and fair person anyone will ever meet (Scorpio Sun with Libra in 6 houses and Libra Rising for you Astrology buffs).  I was newlywed and knew him from High School in Ohio and we reconnected again in Florida where we were both now living. 

The Actual Shop

Second, she said the business would be very good if I could remove these mental blocks.  If I couldn't, then I would be fired and possibly lose my job.  By now my hypothetical claws were digging into the dirt as I was refusing to go along with her ride, being fired from my job was impossible due to the fact I own my own Tarot Reading business and also do photography on the side.  When I go to see a reader I never ever tell them I am in the business, my personal experience is they tend to become nervous and the last thing I want to do is break their concentration.  As it was coming to a close, the reader then proceeded to encourage me to the purchase some bath salts from her and use them to help cleanse.  Secondly, she wanted $200 to pray for my negative energy to be removed and to purchase things like candles and what not for a ritual.  This is when I shook my head, and said, “I’m sorry but I don’t have that kind of money.”  As I reached for the $10 bill she took it and said the reading will be $40, after that I proceeded to tell her all the things she misread and that I was indeed a reader of 21 years and I did not appreciate her trying to swindle me.  Willingly I gave her the $30 extra and told her to keep it, she was going to need it.

This was the most painful reading of my life, a lesson learned here and a new found respect for myself and the wonderful readers I have met and whom have become friends along the way.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why the Minor Arcana is So Important

Most relate this section of the Tarot with Today’s playing cards; with slight differences we have Wands (sometimes called Batons), Swords, Cups (Chalices), or Pentacles (Coins). These cards are able to give the reader a few more details in which are not located in the Major Arcana for example: If in a 7 card spread the enquirer happens to get 5 of the Major Arcana this could indicate the enquirer has way too many outsiders making choices controlling the enquirer’s life.

Along with the numbered cards in the suit there are the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages. These usually allow the Reader to dive into a little more detail painting a clearer picture for the enquirer, such as; The Page of Cups, cups being feminine and a page usually being a child under the age of 22 often it is appropriate to interpret this card meaning as the enquirer has a female child. However you can’t always use this method due to people’s living circumstances this card can also mean a niece or baby sister. Rightfully so this is where your card combinations can be extremely helpful. The numbered cards in the deck often tell of events that have passed or what are to come. Take the 6 of swords for example: This card often means the enquirer is planning a move or vacation the rest of the reading may tell you why, if this move is the correct choice or just a geographical cure.