Thursday, August 1, 2013

When I was younger I received a phone call from a friend who mentioned they had a dream about me and we spoke, we had the same dream and both of use were in it. We tried this several different time and later found out this technique is called Dream Walking: Simply put, it is a way to enter other people’s dreams. As strange as it may sound this often happens and people are yet unaware of their psychic positional. Think of it as an internet connection, you connect to others through waves and wires. The brain has its own electrical system that will help get you into the state of mind to Dream Walk.
Well if I can get into the dreams of others, does this mean they can get into mine? The answer to that question is: YES!
If you’re going to try Dream Walking be sure you have the other person’s permission before you try this. That way you may also compare your experience with the dreamer to make certain you are in face Dream Walking and just not dreaming yourself. Not to mention to just try something without permission is just downright rude. ^.^

-The first advice I always give anyone who wants to do dream-work is to keep a journal of their dreams. Buy an inexpensive blank book or composition book, keep it with a pen or pencil by your bed, and as soon as you wake up, start recording as much as you can remember of your dreams. Sometimes it helps to only write on one side of the paper, so you can go back and fill in details or make notes on what aspects of the dream might mean later. This might sound like it has nothing to do with dream walking, but recalling your dreams in your waking life, helps you to become lucid (conscious) while you're dreaming.

-Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed earlier if you have to, so you'll have time to recall and record your dreams in the morning.-Program yourself to dream what you want. You can do this by writing out your intention on a piece of paper, then putting it under your pillow or keeping it next to your bed. You can also repeat your desire verbally before you go to sleep or meditate and focus on your intent. Keep the wording simple. You might say "I will see _____ in my dream" or "I will know that I'm dreaming and have control of my dream" or "I will dream walk and remember my dream."

-Nutrition may play a role in being able to remember dreams. Fish and eggs are supposed to be helpful. Taking a multivitamin in the morning can help you have enough B vitamins, so your brain can produce acetylcholine. Taking about 500 mg to 750 mg of CDP choline just before you go to sleep can also help your brain produce acetylcholine about 5 hours after you take it. This neurochemical can help with dream vividness and memory. Since choline is a nutrient found naturally in food, taking a supplement like this doesn't really have any dangerous side-effects. Different types of choline supplements work at different times, though.-Taking a very mild, natural sedative before you go to sleep can help you relax and fall asleep more easily. Don't take a sleeping pill. Something as gentle as Chamomile tea or Valerian will do. If you want a mild sedative tea, try "Sleepy time, Extra", by Celestial Seasonings.

-Once you find yourself becoming lucid in your dream and you remember who you want to visit, you can envision a door and think of them being on the other side. Then open it and step through to see them. You can also envision a bridge and walk across it to them. You can also just close your eyes in the dream, think of where you want to be or who you want to see, and then open your eyes again.-Don't get discouraged if you don't lucid dream or dream walk to who you wanted to right away. This usually takes practice and perseverance.
One good very author on learning how to lucid dream is Stephen LaBerge. I like Michelle Belanger's Psychic Dream walking too. 


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