Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vision Board & Making it Work for You!!

What is a Vision Board?

Imagine the path to your goal as a visual, and placed on a wall where you can see it every day until that image becomes the goal of your reality.  It can be anything: words, images, cloth, etc... that will help you put your ultimate goal into a touchable/changeable thing.  This helps to activate the law of attraction in a positive way instead of thinking negatively about how far behind you are with your goals.

The law of attraction is simple, your words and thoughts become your reality.  If you give out negative energy you will receive it back, but if you give out positive energy you will get that back instead.  

Your vision board is to help your brain process those positive thoughts instead of the negative.  If your issue is you being sick, find images and words about wellness and images of healthy people.  Imagine yourself there, if depression has a hold of you, look to 'happy' people.  Not material items such as cars, boats etc... find images of people in the shore enjoying the company of others.  Make sure you convince yourself you are happy, healthy and full of life.  Or if you're depressed, tell yourself, you are the only one you need to make YOU happy.  If you have children and are divorcing, tell yourself that your kids make you happy and your new freedom and a chance to be a good parent and get along with your ex spouse so you two can be the best parents even if you're not together.

Creating Your Vision!

Start thinking about how you want your vision board to look and feel to you, and also where you will put it. Do you want your vision board to be pretty, match and be a prominent part of your decor, or do you want it to be shabby, rough around the edges, and cozily tucked in a sweet little nook? And will your vision board be mostly pictures, mostly writing, or a combination of the two? And what format will your writing take? Will it be a collection of affirmations, will it be your thoughts written down? Will it be a combination of the two? Or will you have no writing at all?
  • Put some music on, open the windows and get your favorite food or drink going.
Now, start gluing, cutting, painting and pasting away! However you've decided to do it. There's no right or wrong because it's your vision board, and your vision board is essentially the perfect you on paper.
Supplies Needed:
~A large variety of Magazines in color (ask your friends, doctors office etc for them)and/or images from your computer (print off)
~Poster Board, Foam Board or Cork Board
~Glue, Thumb Tacks, Cute Pins or Tape
~Cork Board, Poster Board or Blank Wall in your Office of bedroom.
Every board is going to be as individual as the person creating it, but there are a few guide lines I suggest you incorporate into your board. 
When you reach your goal, how do imagine you will physically look?  What would you like to change or wear?  Are you not pleased with your hair, weight, or the way your house looks?  Remember to have pictures and images that relate to all areas of your life – Health, Career, Finances, Spirituality, Relationships, etc.  Is your spouse or partner a big part of this success?  If so how would you help them reach their goals.  Create the board together or alone.
Your brain doesn't just respond to images, make sure you add some words of encouragement to yourself into this collage: Hope, Joy, Success, Love, Zen, etc...  Remember this if your dream, there is no limit.  Small obtainable goals are ideal, and I would suggest updating your vision board every couple of weeks so that when something is reached something else can be put in its place to help with climbing that ladder of success.

Get More Specific 
Anyone can post some pictures of wads of cash, or sports cars but where is the motivation in that? Get to the meat of the bone and down into your hearts core to see what you really need. Feel the passion as your create this, and be as specific as possible. Let go of those media  images of what an advertisement forces you to think you need, and find what makes your dream yours. As you flip through the magazines, see what makes your heart race or evokes an emotional response and rip that out.

The ultimate goal of your vision board is to sort out the thoughts in your head and create a plan for success.  Think about one goal at a time and take the steps into the center of your happiness or business goal.  Remember emotional and business vision boards might need to be kept separate.  There is no law saying you can only have one! 


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